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*all items only available in store

*images of items not related to actual item carried in store

*Any special dyed/swirly/burst discs are only seen in store


Innova Drivers

Champion Destroyer
Star Destroyer
Blizzard Destroyer
Champion Firebird
*Out of Stock
Star Shryke
Champion Katana
Champion Shryke
Champion Wraith
Champion Boss
Star Thunderbird
Star Boss
Champion Thunderbird
*Out of Stock
Champion Valkryie
Champion TeeBird
Star Eagle
1st Run Star Foxbat
1st Run Star Foxbat
Star Leopard3
G-Star Thunderbird
Star Ape
Champion Leopard3
*Out of Stock
Champion Vulcan
Star Orc
G-Star TeeBird
Champion Tern
Star Archon
G-Star Leopard3
Star Daedalus
Star Sidewinder
Star Vulcan
*Out of Stock

Innova Mid-Ranges

Star RocX3
Star Roc3
Star Gator
Star Rat
*Out of Stock
DX Roc
Rancho Star Roc
Star Mako3
Champion Shark3
Champion Mako3
*Out of Stock

Innova Putters

Star AviarX3
*Out of Stock
KC Pro Aviar
*Out of Stock
Yeti Pro Aviar
R-Pro Dart
*Out of Stock
Grid Stamp DX Aviar



Discraft Drivers

Z Nuke
Z Nuke OS
Z Surge
Z Avenger SS
*Out of Stock
X Crank

Discraft Mid-ranges

*Out of Stock
Glo Buzzz
Z Flx Buzzz
Buzzz OS
Big Z Buzzz OS
*Out of Stock
Z Buzzz SS

Discraft Putters

X Soft Challenger
Jawbreaker Challenger

Dynamic Discs


Dynamic Discs Drivers

Fuzion Enforcer
Fuzion Felon
Lucid Enforcer
Lucid Convict
Lucid Defender
Fuzion Sheriff
Fuzion Defender
Lucid Criminal
*Out of Stock
Lucid Witness
Lucid Freedom
Fuzion Captain

Dynamic Discs Mid-Ranges

Lucid Verdict
Lucid Truth
Lucid Justice

Dynamic Discs putters

Lucid Slammer
*Out of Stock
Classic Deputy
*Out of Stock
Classic Marshall
Classic Judge

Latitude 64


Latitude 64 Drivers

Opto Bolt
Opto Explorer
Opto Saint
Opto Stiletto

latitude 64 Mid-Ranges

Opto Ballista
*Out of Stock
Gold Compass

latitude 64 putters

Opto Pure
*Out of Stock
Zero Medium Mercy
*Out of Stock
Zero Medium Dagger

Westside Discs


Westside Drivers

VIP King
VIP Air King
*Out of Stock
Tournament Blend
Tournament Blend
VIP Longbowman
*Out of Stock
VIP World

Westside Mid-Ranges

VIP Bard
VIP Harp
*Out of Stock



Millennium Drivers

Quantum Scorpius
Sirius Orion LS
Sirius Bottom Stamp Scorpius
Quantum Orion LS
Sirius Bottom Stamp Quasar
Sirius JLS
Quantum Orion LF
Millennium JLS

millennium Mid-Ranges

Millennium Aurora MS
Quantum Aurora MS
Quantum Taurus
Sirius Sentinel MF

millennium putters

Millennium Omega AP Big Bead
Millennium Omega AP
Millennium Omega SS
*Out of Stock

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